How do you handle other players?

I have no experience being a mere player. All of my VASSAL experience is based upon hosting a PBEM game.

And I have certain expectations of the players. I expect them to create .vlogs that reflect their intent. I don’t expect them to name .vlogs as .vsavs. I expect the files to conform to a useful naming convention. I don’t expect comments like “I didn’t do dividends since I thought we were only tracking $ on the sheet.” (Where did you get that idea???)

Why is this so hard?

Now I am not going to go on to my grievances with the modules themselves. I am learning to put up with them because I don’t have time to bring every module upto my standards. Sometimes I can just supplement it with a spreadsheet okay?

I think you have to ask your players that…

Look two of these players are in two of my games.

One doesn’t bother to read the rules. He just waits for other people to point out his mistakes.

One doesn’t bother with vlogs and think in game currency is just for decoration.

If you put them together, would we even be playing a boardgame anymore?

If someone won’t take responsibility to read rules and make some kind of committment to the oother players in terms of good sportsmanship and honesty, I personally wouldn’t waste my time with them …