How do you learn how to use VASSAL???

I have looked at the documentation after downloading VASSAL but I still don’t have any idea on how to use it.

When I read the section called “Taking the Tour” it says “Let’s Take the Tour which you will be prompted to do”. I don’t get the prompt. How can I take the tour?

Just to fool around, I loaded up a Gettysburg 1988 module but I have no idea what I’m doing.

This looks like a terrific program, but without instructions I’m afraid it is quite useless. Where can I get help?

The forum doesn’t seem to have a section for newbies. That isn’t good.


I assume you refer from a playing standpoint?

See this guide … ng_started

Review each section. This should hopefully get you started.

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The link you sent is exactly the section I’m talking about. In the Introduction I can’t take the tour they are describing because I don’t get a prompt to do so. Where is the tour? And, is that the only way to learn the software?

Look in the place where you installed vassal in the docs folder - the
tour.mod is there.

If it is not there look in the Documents and Settings(username)\Vassal

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I keep asking on how to learn VASSAL and everybody keeps telling me to ‘take the tour’.

I keep telling everybody that I can’t find the ‘TOUR MOD’ FILE.

In the name of heaven can somebody tell me where do I get this file? It was not in the downloaded version and I can’t find it on the web.

All I get are instructions on how to use the file. I can’t use the file if I don’t have it. HOW DO I GET THE FILE???

Specifically: How do I get the TOUR.MOD FILE

It was not downloaded when I installed the program and it is not in any subfolder of VASSAL.

Thus spake “xlegion”:

Which version of VASSAL are you using? If you’re using 3.1.0-beta3, you
can start the tour by selecting “Take the Tour” from the Help menu.


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