How Do You Make a Scenario?

I have a VASSAL module with all the units and markers. I can move the units around to create a new scenario. How do I save that scenario and offer it as one of the possibilities when the module is loaded.

A friend has told me to setup the pieces, save the game, go into edit vassal and right click on the main module section, add predefined setup, and choose the game you saved.

  1. OK, I can save the game, but after that I am lost. Do I need a new title or anything like that when I save the game?

  2. “Go into edit module…” How do I “go into edit module”?

         I double click on a module in the Module Library. The module opens. There is no "Edit," only File and Help. Neither of the menus for File or Help offer "Edit" capability.
         On the Module Library page, there are File, Tools, and Help entries. Clicking an existing module entry and right clicking on File, there is an menu entry call "Edit Module". Is that the way? Or, clicking on the existing module entry and right clicking there is also and entry called "Edit Module". Is that the way?
  3. “…right click on the main module section.” Where is the main module section?

  4. “…Add predefined setup…” How do I do that?

  5. “…and choose the game that you saved.” How do I get there and how do I know which game if I do?

    I really need exact instructions on what to do. I’ve looked at the reference information that VASSAL provides, but it might as well be in a alien language. The references do not explain or define anything in a manner that I can understand. For example, what is a “module extension”? I simply cannot comprehend what the VASSAL authors are writing.

That’s exactly what you do but that’s also sort of a Microsoft answer …100% correct and totally worthless unless you know what you’re doing :wink:

Create your scenario and save your game.

Right click the module in your module library list and select “Edit Module”

When the editor opens, right click the first entry in the tree …it will say (Module Name)[Module]

Select “Add Pre-Defined Setup”.

The entry box that appears will allow you to browse to a saved game as your setup. Save the Module under a different name.

You may also want to change the properties in the [Module] at the top of the tree to add a description. Just right click it, select Properties, and you’ll see a place for a module description.

Thanks. I suspected that someone could actually write in English but wasn’t sure until now.