How Does One Begin Designing Modules?

If I wanted to start designing a module for a game I own (Nexus Ops or Arkham Horror), how would I go about doing this? Is there a tutorial to learn how to create modules?

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Select “Module-creation tutorials”.

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Here’s a start:

There is also HTML format help included with the VASSAL module editor itself.

It’s not trivially easy, unless all you want to do is produce a Cyberboard-like module (i.e. just scan all the artwork in). VASSAL has much more functionality - define grids/zones for maps, complex counter/gamepiece hierarchy, multi-faceted/multi-layered counters, automated game functions … it’s truly mind-boggling.

Having actually designed ONE module (it’s not on the website yet), I would say the most important thing is to start with a fairly clear idea of how you want to organize the module. (Again, if you just want to represent the board and pieces and let the players do all the work of moving them around, then it’s very simple - but also less usable).

I learned by opening a Mod that i liked to play.
Read the online vassal guides and just experimented with a Mod i had played.
Trial and error etc
But one great thing about Vassal, it doesn’t take long to grasp the fundementals.