How to add module update?

I’m new to this Wiki, and though I’ve created pages on Wikipedia proper, I just wanted to ask the forum here before going in and editing one of the module pages.

I have a module version update to add as a file for the War Galley game (GMT). What’s the recommended procedure for doing this properly?


S R Welch

Hey there S.R.

While hunting through the upload logs to see if anything interesting had been posted, I saw you had uploaded this War Galley update. Since files uploaded with no links to pages can just kind of hide in the digital ether until someone notices that it’s there, I downloaded the module [to make sure it actually worked] and then went ahead and inserted a new version entry for it up on the module wiki page. Feel free to go in and edit those comments to provide more explicit detail on what you did as I merely reformatted the Version History table to insert links to v2.1 and v2.2 along with your upload comments.

As far as policy goes, I’m not an admin here but I recently asked the same questions after I made some minor updates to the Unhappy King Charles module. The one important thing that is that, in updating and uploading a module, you’ve been “promoted” to “maintainer/contributor” status for that module. Per the conversation I had with the admins, you’ll need to append some sort of identifying info [ screen name is fine, but I don’t recall if an actual email address is also required or if “can be reached by PM here” will suffice]. Basically, they want folks to to take ownership when they muck around with modules, no matter how minor the fixes. :slight_smile: