How to Compare Properties Between Multiple Pieces

Can someone show me how to compare the value of properties between multiple pieces in a zone?

Let’s say I have a Dynamic Property named “SMA”.

I want to compare the value of SMA between all pieces in a zone named “TestZone” and determine the lowest value.

How could I do that?


Create a Global Property in the Zone for LowestSMA and one called LowestSMAOwner. Invoke a Key Command which will have each piece in the zone check the LowestSMA and replace with piece SMA if lower and then write the piece name in LowestSMAOwner.

This was very helpful and clear. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

For anyone watching, you would need a command to first reset LowestSMA to the highest possible value. Otherwise the previous value of LowestSMA may be lower than any of the current piece SMA values, and that old lower LowestSMA would persist.