How to compare the previous location with current ???

$gridLocation$, $previousLocation$ and $location$ are used in the map window to determine the previous and current location in a report when a piece is moved but …

It seems that it’s impossible to use these variables in a trigger trait condition … for a piece

Using :

oldLocation = location (or gridLocation)
previousLocation = location or (or gridLocation)

… by the matching condition and the values are never seen

Why i want to use it ?? simply because i want to consider that a moving piece in the same Hex Grid location is not a real move then a trigger could “unmove” the piece …

It could be useful to wargamer if i move to the A5 (Hex Grid location) then my objectives are fully reached … and a trigger can add victory points

Can someone know how to compare the previous and the current location for a piece ???

Thank you in advance …

Hi Grégory,

You need to check that the property names you are trying to use are real
property names. Watch out for capitalization.

The property names you will need to compare are

$LocationName$ and $OldLocationName$

I have updated the somewhat out of date reference manual page for inclusion in the 3.1 beta.


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Thank you … but …

It works only in a Trigger Action is the matching properties are like :

LocationName = A4 (Hex Grid Location)

OldLocationName = B6 (Hex Grid Location)

But not when i try in the properties of the Trigger :

LocationName = OldLocationName

I even used a Dynamic property for each to store
$LocationName$ and $OldLocationName$ to bypass this !!!

But same results when i compare AZone = BZone in a Trigger Action(dynamic properties filled by previous and current location)…

I can see All PERFECTLY in a text label using $LocationName$ and $OldLocationName$… but still impossible to compare in a Trigger properties matching line ???

Why can i display but not use it to compare ??? :confused:

The correct way to do this is to use

LocationName = $OldLocationName$

otherwise you would be comparing the LocationName with the string “OldLocationName” in the same way that LocationName = A4 compares the location to “A4”.

However, there is a bug in 3.0.x Vassal that prevents this from working - It is fixed in version 3.1.


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