How to draw 1st card from a deck

Hello, I’m on Vassal 3.2.0 and trying to draw the 1st card of a deck and send it to Player1 or Player2 hand.

In Deck1 and Deck2 have put a “Draw a Card” Deck Global Key Command that affect only one piece in the deck, the 1st one.
Have add a Game Piece Prototype Definition called Routine_Draw that have inside: 2 Trigger Action, 2 Report Action and 2 Send to Location (one for each Player).
Then have add a Prototype “Routine_Draw” to my cards.

Deck1 and Deck2 show the “Draw a Card” option on right-mouse click but nothing happen :cry:

Can someone help me?

Problem solved, my fault :blush:

Had just to delete a $playerSide$=Player1 check in the Deck Global Key Command :smiley: