How to find a module author?

Hello! New member here with some basic questions on updating modules. Specifically, I’m in the process of updating Pacific Victory (Columbia Games) to 2nd Edition, and was trying to determine the author of the module. My plan, which I’ve made quite a bit of progress on, is to create a v2.0 download with the new 2nd edition map and counters, and freshen up the entire UI for a little more consistency and clarity.

Looking at the module page, the last update was 2014 ( … on=history)

The person who last updated it is “Jim57” but he doesn’t have a forum account that I can find. So, on to my questions:

  1. Can anyone suggest ways to track down the author/editor?
  2. The current v1 module seems to function correctly, and I don’t have any desire to reinvent the wheel, so I’ve copied the original and I’m updating that copy; is this generally “OK” to do? I don’t want to break etiquette here.

Thanks for any info!

I’ve been in the same situation a few times. Here is my approach. This doubles for attempts to contact game designers, artists as well as Vassal module creators.

I attempt to contact the originator or my intentions and garner a blessing. If that fails, I go to Game Board Geek and see if the originator exists there. Then I do a reach out by posting a general announcement that I plan to work on the module. If all these efforts do not stir up any attention, I proceed and post the module onto Vassal, all with the caveat that if anyone protests with legitimacy, I would agree to have the module removed. I have had one Vassal module creator discover my version that was very supportive and another that just wanted to reinforce, that his work was his work, and my work was mine.

I have used several existing modules to enhance. While others, I determined it was better to start from scratch, but even still refer to the guts of the original to see how problems were solved the first go around.

I have worked on several modules that existed where I felt my contribution was about a 5% amount of work on the original, yet felt that it was a significant 5% towards improving the game overall because the module needed an outsider’s perspective on what the module didn’t quite get right. This is usually obvious when you play that module with a group of people.

Finally, always try to credit those that have worked on the module before you on the module page in Vassal.

I found the author of the current version, thanks again for the help.