How to grad the variation value of a Dynamic Property


For a report trait purpose, i just want to report the value modified / selected …

My Dp = “Points” and i can :

Increment by : 1,2,3,5

I just want to report : DP incremented by $value$ (i know that $Points$ is for the total account …)

I have tested with : $Points_value$, $value$ …

2 cases : another masked property variable :laughing: or nothing allows this …

Thank you in advance for some help …

How are you currently incrementing by 1, 2, 3, 5? All of those have keys associated with them presumably. You could just have four separate report traits, one for each key.

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is there, for DP actions, a previous value and a new value somewhere? some of the triggers I think have this feature (hmmm, maybe it was the location values for when you move a piece, I forget exactly, but there are a few things like that which are less obvious). If so, you could subtract them in a regex and use that in the report?

Hah [edit] or just use another DP for the increment amount and use a trigger action to add it to the value of the existing DP?

BUt yeah for just a few values reports off the keystrokes would be easiest?

Hi Michael,

In the real module life i have +1,+2,+3,+5 and -1, -2, -3, -5

Then, if a variable like $value$ already exists … it prevents me to create 8 dedicated report traits …

The documentation about Global command already speak about a $value$ variable, but it seems to be unexploited in a report trait.

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Add a second DP to store the actual increment. Give it matching keys and use
the set value to option.

Then you can have one report : $Points$ changed by $IncrementDPName$

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Thank you …

All is working perfectly …

Its for the Dungeoneer Project (French Version) … &mode=view