How to implement - detecting double rolled +

Can folks suggest module/s or methods (for me to reverse engineer) that implement the following: I can get bits working but I am missing the methodology as I expand my Vassal skills.

  1. React to the individual dice values rolled for 2d6. There is the $2d6_result$ but I want to compare the individual die values rolled and report that doubles were rolled.

  2. Counting strength points in a zone. Counters can have a property with a strength value. I want to report the total sum of the counters in a zone.

Thanks in advance

  1. You will need to roll 2 separate dice and add them together yourself. Either use two of the built-in 1d6 dice, or simply create 2 Dynamic (or Global) Properties which set their value to Random(6) when triggered (either way will use the same randomizer to get the results).

  2. See the Sum() function, newly added in VASSAL 3.4. The only place I’ve found any instructions for it are here: (Random is also documented there).