How to include Formulas

I am curious as to how to include an OpenOffice spread sheet with working formulas into Vassal without having to include the program, is this possible?

Thus spake “benshelmars”:

Could you describe in more detail what it is you’re trying to accomplish?


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I have a spread sheet with formulas for specific tasks that require input into unique cells and produce a unique result, I would like to have these predefined calculators “for lack of a better word” available to the players. As I have it right now, they must already have the program to run the spread sheet or they must download the program. I would like to somehow imbed it into the Vassal Mod, thus avoiding extra effort on the players side.

The current version of Vassal does not support this directly.

With a lot of effort, you could write your onw custom Java classes to do this.

If you can wait, Version 3.2 of Vassal will include ‘Calculated Properties’ which will be Dynamic Properties whose value is the result of a formula, which can reference other properties. It would be possible to do what you describe with Calculated Properties.


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I am looking forward to version 3.2, you are correct about writing the java, but my talents in java are very limited and what I can do with functions in a spread sheet in minutes would take me weeks or months in java.
I was utilizing the beta version but it was still too unstable, when version 3.2 becomes available I will port the work over to it, in the mean time I will continue with my current method so that I can have a playtest prototype in a month or two.

Thank you.