How to insert a Log Sheet?

Hi to everibody,
I hope to have post in the right section of the forum:
I’m a veteran user of Vassal, but I’m a total noob in module creation.

After several years of gaming tactical air combat modules (Air Force, Air Power) I’d will like to create a new module.

All is proceedings well, but I’m not able to create a Log Sheet “Ã la Air Force”.

I explain better: I need to attach to a counter a Log Sheet to record the movement of the Aircraft to calculate the following-turn Speed & Altitude.
i tried with the spreadsheet option, but i can’t set up the Row & Column titles (ex. Game Turn, Moves…). I tried an HTML chart too, but to no avail.

Please, can someone to help me about this problem?

Thank you all in advance,

One thing I do is create a card with dynamic label counters on it. I keep the card in a separate hidden deck. I then place a small button on the counter to go get the card and display it. This card would have a close button on it that would send it back to it’s hidden deck. Any information on the card would be maintained.

Does that make sense?

Thank You very much for your quick answer, Dr.Nostromo, i really appreciate!

I think your concept is very interesting, but given my scarce experience in module design I’ve tried to follow your advice but I could obtain nothing useful.

Please, please, could you be so kind to illustrate me step-by-step the procedure ? (I know I’m obnoxious…)

My intentions will be to obtain a log similar to those I attach below.

Thank You for your patience!![/img]

Whoa, that’s complex. In order to log movement for 20 turns or more and display statistics for each move on each counter, you’d need a phenomenal amount of global properties and triggers.

It seems that it would be easier to just have a set of global properties that adjust themselves on each turn and display what the following turn speed & altitude would be based on previous information. Would that work or do you really need all that information?


you’re right: I’ve already examined the Log Sheet that is inserted within the Air Force module and I’ve only understood that (1) it’s really complicated and (2) the creator it’a a very patient genius.

So, yes I think your solution appear the better: a set of global properties that trace the present-turn moves and calculate the next-turn starting parameters.

But which instrucions I had to use: the Game Piece Property Sheet ?

Thank You again,