how to make a "Clear Fired" button? GKC?

I suspect most members of the VASSALDev Yahoo group have not migrated here yet, but let’s see how quickly I can get an informed response!

I’m putting the finishing touches on a mod and would like to add a button to the toolbar that clears all the Fired markers from play.

So far I’ve got the Fired marker as a single level layer in the base prototype for every unit. I can add and remove it using the right-click menu.

I searched the yahoo group archives and saw some references to Global Key Commands and so I went and messed with those but the best I could come up with was a GKC button that removed all the fired markers from fired units and added fired markers to all unfired units :slight_smile: in short it reversed my layer’s activation for every unit instead of just clearing for the ones I need.

I know this is a common feature, but I don’t have any other modules handy that have this feature for me to copy at the moment. Has anyone seen this elsewhere? Can anyone just explain how to do it? I know it’s easy, I think!


Hi Shad,

I went ahead and created a How-to for this … ow_to:main

before realizing that it is actually shown in the Reference manual.

Oh Well! Anyway, the How-to section now exists - Go for it people.

BTW, is the VASSAL reference manual available on-line that can be referenced from How-To’s?


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Excellent Brent! The syntax of my matching properties was where things were breaking down. Sorry for making you duplicate the Reference Manual, but I like your concise How-to much better!