How to make counters change sides ?


I am making a module where counters can be masked, and where any of the two sides (A and B) can possibly use the same pieces. Piece ownership depends on the scenario, in fact.

The problem is, counters have to remain masked to the non-owning side.

Is there a way to do this ?

Perhaps a solution would be to let a player ‘take ownership’ of a counter via a right-click command, but how to do this with VASSAL ?

Another idea would be to duplicate the pieces palette, creating one for player A, and a similar one for player B. The only difference between the two palettes would be in the mask properties of the pieces. But duplicating pieces is an ugly solution.

Any ideas ?

I am not sure I understand exactly what you want to do. Could you please be more specific as to the game mechanic you wish to implement? There may be another way to implement it. You don’t really say how the what state the pieces need to be in when they are shared. Could the be stored in a Deck, which shows pieces as masked, but allows both players to draw them?


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You might look at the modules for the block games “Hammer of the Scots” and “Richard III.” Both have masked pieces that change sides.