How to manage the first plan ???

When you have two counters one on the other, when you select the background counter the other disappear under the first one selected…

And impossible to select it anymore if the new one is bigger size … :cry:
because masked under the big one !!!

Situation :

  • The main counter can not move : Does not stack trait with selection : Normally and move : never (does not take care about grid map)
    Mandatory for no move access …

The moving counter does not stack but can be selected and can move normally …

The simple question is : how to be sure that your counter will be always on the first plan ??? :wink:

So, you have two counters, one of which is more or less normal, and the other is probably meant as some sort of ‘terrain’ marker, and does not stack, and does not move. And you’re having problems with the second one being on top of the first?

Well, no matter the actual details, this sounds like a job for map layers. You’ll need to dig into it a little yourself (don’t have Vassal in front of me, and I cannot remember the correct terms, but the in-module help should get you there), but you can give a map separate layers, say named “top” and “bottom”. Then the counters will need traits added with a value like “Layer=top”. Then, each layer will have it’s own stack, and the counters on the bottom layer will always be be beneath the counters on the top layer.

Hi, Softbug

I use layers in TBK so you should be able to figure it out from that.

In Edit mode, pick “The Kindom [Map Window)”. You’ll note an option in the list called “Game Piece Layers”. I use that to set the various layers a piece can be tagged for. You’ll note that “Tile” is at the top of the list as it’s the bottom layer (they’re listed backwards) and “Player” is the last entry so that player tokens are always on top, regardless of what else is in the location.

Now, if you take a look at just about any game component …tile, player token, card, key, lock, etc., you’ll note that have a Marker trait and that trait establishes the layer. Since the terrain tiles are always on the bottom, they have the “Tile” marker. Player tokens have the “Player” marker which always puts them on top.