How to mark a move by gamepieces

I want to make my moves with the gamepieces visible.
How can I do that?

There’s a Mark When Moved attribute you can attach to any piece prototype.

Locate the Game Piece Prototype Definitions folder; Right click that and select Add Definition; open the Game Piece Prototype Definitions folder and right click the Definition file you just created. Name and edit it. You’ll find Mark When Moved in the menu to the left of the display. Click on it and then click the Add button in the middle of the display to add that attribute to the Prototype. You’ll need to figure out how to assign offsets to the MOVED banner to get it to line up in an aesthetically pleasing way with your pieces.

In the Module Editor, Create a Pieces display; right click and Add a Single Piece to the Pieces folder; open the Pieces display, and right click the Single Piece “file”. Select Properties. In the Properties display, find Prototype at left, and click the Add button. You must type the name of the prototype you created, exactly (and it IS case sensitive) to assign that Prototype to the piece. If you don’t type it exactly, the piece will not assume the properties of the prototype.

Actually, your question makes me think you need to start from the basics. Go to YouTube and find Joel Toppen’s excellent tutorials on VASSAL module editing. If you’re like me, that will get you started in good order.