How to Move Deck during game?

I’m working on a module wherein I need to be able to move a couple of decks on the main board to different locations depending on a dice roll. Is there a command to reposition a deck, or change its XY coords with a button?

This isn’t possible in VASSAL as currently designed, unfortunately. One workaround would be to create empty decks at all the possible locations, then use other features (Dynamic Properties, several Return to Deck traits, etc) to send cards to the correct deck location as needed.

That’s unfortunate. Seems like for a board game emulator, manipulating decks would be a basic function. Hopefully it will be added in updated versions.

While I have you, I have another quick question: all that is needed to rotate something (cards or tokens) is to add the ‘Can Rotate’ trait, right? Because it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I click ‘Rotate’ on my game piece and nothing happens. The docs say the cursor is supposed to change, but it doesn’t. What could I be doing wrong?

Moving decks around is perfectly doable as Joel describes - he is just saying there isn’t a one size catch all trait that does it, it has to be built through a series of traits to handle the function

Yes. And all I’m saying is that an ugly “workaround” should not be needed if there are so many other “catch all traits” for common things, such as drag-and-drop game pieces.

In an answer to my own rotation question (for the sake of those who may be searching): You have to give the command a keyboard shortcut for it to work.