How to rotate stacked pieces?

I am working on a module where the players place pieces on top of other pieces that were just placed. They can then rotate the group on a later turn. The stacking part is working correctly, but as soon as I rotate the bottom piece, it moves to the top and hides the bottom pieces.

How do I make it so that a piece can be rotated AND the pieces on top will stay in their same places on the piece?

This is what I want:

[=|O]   becomes   [O|=]   when rotated

This is what I get:

[=|O]  becomes  [=|=]  when rotated

I’m not sure I understand, but I will try to help.

Are you using a right click menu to rotate? Did you want the entire stack to rotate? It should if you select every ‘token’.

Are you rotating numerous pieces around each other? Or is the rotation for a single piece? (can you provide a screenshot so we can better understand how you want things “rotated”)

A single stack should all rotate uniformly, without changing the pile order (so long as you do not select a bottom layer by accident).

The entire stack (really just two pieces) should rotate together using a rightclick menu. The bottom piece is significantly larger than the top piece, so it’d be a lot easier to select the bottom piece. I’ll see if I can put some screenshots up somewhere to demonstrate!

Check out

Top is “before”
Bottom is “after”

It sounds like you are selecting only the bottom piece and not the stack. Try clicking on the top piece and see if the entire stack gets highlighted. Then you should be able to rotate everything.