How to scale pieces so they are small/fit on the map?


I’m trying my hand at building a vassal module for a game, and i’m currently stumped on how to scale things properly. Specificlaly, I’ve seen other modules with cards where the card is a certain size (to fit into a spot on the board, for example), that is relatively small and hard to read the tiny text on the card. But when you hover over the card on the board, it pops up a display of the card at it’s full resolution, easy to read and clear.

What traits do I need to add to the piece to force it to be scaled down when placed on the board but still have a high resolution piece for the ‘pop up on hover’ view?

Go to the “Map” on which the card is going to be displayed, right click on its entry, and select “Add Mouse-over stack viewer”.

You’ll then be able to set properties e.g. how big, when, etc. Including a filter expression for which pieces should get the treatment – e.g. only cards.