How to set a limit of cards in a hand

Hi everyone, im new in Vassal, trying to create a CCG. So my trouble is that i dont know how to set a limit of cards in a hand, i mean, i want players to have as maxium 7 cards in their hands, and if they try to put there another one (to have 8 cards in their hands), they couldn’t.

I believe there are many ways to achieve your goal; the one that is appropriate should be derivative of how you implement dealing out cards.

One solution would be to give each player a private window in which you would implement add-start-buttons (pieces, in Vassal-ling) clicking on which would result in drawing one card in place of given piece. Just make 7 of these and you would be fine.

You might find this thread useful: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2854&start=0&hilit=count+player+hand

And the card dealing thread in a vassal how to geek list on BGG. Here… … tem3384939

I meant, of course, [size=150]AT START BUTTONS[/size] but I type faster than I think.