how to specify 3 traits in a formula

Hi !
Now that I know how to do one stuff, i want to do more …
I have 2 armies / Each army is made by clan (letter A, B , C etc) and one army has dummies.
So each unit has 3 traits marker :
Side : Nobunaga or Imagawa
Clan : A, B, C etc
Type: Real or Fake

When I change my order I want to change only the order of the same side, clan, and type.
I try this
{Clan==$Clan$ && Side==$Side$ && Type==$Type$}
But it doen’t work, change all my army at once.


It works with :
Clan=$Clan$ && Side=$Side$ && Type=$Type$

I think that’s a bug that is scheduled to be fixed in 3.3.3

I use that type of expression all the time. The correct syntax is:

{Clan=="$Clan$" && Side=="$Side$" && Type=="$Type$"}

I’ve been using test builds for a while now though and cannot remember if that works in 3.3.2 or not, but that is definitely the Beanshell syntax.

Yes m3tan I think your test build is putting you “ahead of the game” on that. The bug is 12952 and its resolution looks marked 3.3.3. (But we’re super glad you’re running test builds! Helps us get things straightened out!)

Meanwhile good point on the BeanShell syntax with the quotation marks. That’s the correct way to do it, Djangtchoub, once 3.3.3 comes out.


Thanks a lot for the help !