how to use new features of 3.1.0-beta3 ???

I just took the plunge and downloaded the beta.
One thing I noticed is I had to rename all my mod files to vmod files.
But I see a new item in the file menu “Import”.
What does that do and how do I use it?
What file extension(s) does it look for to import? *.gbx? *.set?

Thus spake “IrishBouzouki”:

You didn’t have to. VASSAL will still read them without renaming.

It’s for importing gamesets from other programs. Presently the only
formats supported are for ADC2.

You should be able to see the supported file types in the file type drop
box in the Import file chooser.


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This is still not true for Windows - all that the native windows file chooser shows in its drop down is “All Files (.)” - no recognized extension types.

This is true for all module options - Open, New, Edit and Import

See my attached image (This was doing Import)

By the way I did figure out how to get this to import an ADC module, although I found it seemed a bit “clunky” at least to me.

Specifically, I had to import each scenario setup as a seperate module, if there is a way to import multiple ADC scenarios into the same Vassal module I was unable on my own with the documentation in existence to work it out. I suppose it might be possible to take the data for those modules and somehow merge them, but frankly the game I imported from ADC is just not worth all that to me, at least for the moment. CB would be another issue as my #1 target from that system is much more interesting to me.

But even then, while I have been happy to use both ADC and CB on occasion in the past, I now find the graphics in both of those are frequently just not anywhere near up to the quality of most Vassal module graphics, to say nothing of the fact that a lot of Vassal modules have all kinds of goodies now that greatly assist PC play in ways you just can not do with a paper map and cardboard counters. I am getting spoiled already, and I think I have only played about five or so games on Vassal so far! I am playing Prussia’s Glory on Cyberboard and I love the game but man what a difference. So even after seeing that the ADC importer does work I am thinking it is only a first step and in a lot of cases it is just better to start from scratch with scanned imagery or even better after you are an established module designer whatever you can get a game company to provide.

That can’t be done right now. I’m even hesitant to say “right now” because I doubt this feature will come into existence unless someone else does it.

You can do it by hand. You really have to know what you’re doing however and it involves editing the buildFile directly. But it can be done.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the engines themselves but the module designers. It may be a consequence of the fact that VASSAL is becoming more popular, however. :slight_smile:

Flexibility! I think that’s why VASSAL is gaining ground.

The purpose of the ADC2 importer is to allow players of ADC2 modules to use VASSAL instead. You should be able to play an ADC2 module off the shelf. You can, of course, use it as a tool to make VASSAL-specific modules based on ADC2 modules, but if you’re not happy with the ADC2 graphics, I would probably suggest starting from scratch.

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