html not translating in Text Labels

I upgraded to the beta version of vassal recently and found that for some reason modules loaded by the new version have a problem translating the HTML code of text labels.

I have simple things like

line of text
Line of text

for example and its actually showing the part rather then translating it.

I haven’t seen anything in the bug reports on this and I know that most of the modules out there use HTML labeling so I have a feeling its something specific to what Im doing.

Does anyone have any ideas why the html code of the Text labels is not being translated? Its almost as if HTML was disabled in Vassal or the module somehow.

Didn’t you miss close tag ?

Hmm… You are right. The same with my module and VASSAL 3.1.0-beta4: all html text is broken.

beta3 has no this bug.

Thus spake “Nelud”:

I know what the problem is here. I’ll fix it.


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Thus spake Joel Uckelman:

I believe this is fixed in svn4377, available here:

Please try it and let me know if it works for you.


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