HTML Text Box font selection tips (7-segment)

I have used HTML text boxes in my game piece image definitions.
Through experimentation I have some of the basic tags down and have generated enough examples that I can generally find what I am looking for in normal usage.

However… I am now looking for a fixed-width “7-segment” font that looks like an LED scoreboard display. I have used the HTML font tag and within it have set the color face and size characteristics. Is there a font face setting that would give me a cross-system 7-segment look or is that really something more esoteric and perhaps best done with raster graphics I can find somewhere?

(ideally I would like to call out a 7-segment font and have it display a dynamic property value)[/code]

Thus spake “IrishBouzouki”:

Well, if you had an LED font, you’d be able to use it directly if it were
a freely-distributable font, once we add support for fonts bundled in


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