Hube's Pocket error

Hi all,

 There are some error in the HB Module..

First…when German reinforce call for 52 HQ corps (8-0), in the OOB there’s a Russian 52 hq

Label text don’t work on all counters…

In Soviet OOA when call for ABN Div (1GD) counter is miss

I’ve a complete game unpuched and I can scan parts for help if need.



Thus spake Aries:

Hi all,

 There are some error in the HB Module..

First…when German reinforce call for 52 HQ corps (8-0), in the OOB
there’s a Russian 52 hq


Label text don’t work on all counters…

In Soviet OOA when call for ABN Div (1GD) counter is miss


I’ve a complete game unpuched and I can scan parts for help if need.



Have you notified the module maintainer of the problems?



I’ll contact him now.

Still Waiting for the creator’s answer…some “angel” guy can fix HB Module? :mrgreen:

I’ve done a quick fix to add the 1st Gds Abn Div, 53 inf Div, 1st Gds Arty Div and German 52nd Corps Hq. I will try to upload the 1.61 vmod shortly.

Things have gone fast today. I have uploaded both v1.61 and v1.62. to the Hubes Pocket module page.
Here are the changes done:
This is just a small bugfix to 1.6. Changes are: fixing German 52 Corps HQ, adding Sov 53 Infantry Div, 1st Gds Abn Div and 1st Gds Arty Div. In addition, images of all Sov Abn divs have been cleaned to clearly show steps.
Exchanged 2.0i rule charts for 4.0 charts and added scenario 1 to startup.

For v1.63 I have the following updates planned:
Adding the X-mas counters(AT Bn and KGs)
Adding an empty ‘New Game’ setup :blush:
Adding a VP track window.
Anything else?

As for Bugs:
I found that Map B does not report the move choordinates. That one may be tricky, but it may also be the flick of a switch. Still, important.
Labeling counters do not show on the map, but they show in reporting. I’ll look into that but not a priority.
Anything else?

Pointers from seasoned Vassal programmers are most welcome!

progress so far: Got MapB to report Coordinates. Only problem is that it reports map coordinates on the off-map area too. It seemed to have an elaborate system in place originally, but I deleted that. I’ll see if it’s fixable later, but it may be a little work. I’ve Added an emty map ‘New Game’ so people can start afresh, or set up the other scenarios. Feel free :smiley:
Looking at the X-mas Tiffs, its not just a cut and paste job. I want the counters to look similar to those already in the game. That means i must make some new templates. Once that is done, It will be easy to flesh out the Russian and SS units. Wehrmacht ones may take a little longer. The KGs are generic AFAICS, so not necessary for the game, but I’ll look int them. They may take a little longer, but easy to multiply once I have a template ready. It was the same hassle to make new leader counters for my Burma Mod.

Really nice job with the corrections. I have found a few Russian unit omissions in the new version. On Turn 15 reinforcements the Russians are missing one unit from the 1st Guards Artillery Division. It is the 313 Katy Regt. On Turn 4 the three Russian infantry division reinforcements are not shown: 121, 213 (12-2-2) and 233 (13-3-3).

Other non-counter issues: As I think you already know, the auto-report of moves does not work on Map B. The top icons for “removing DG counters” doesn’t seem to work - and did not in the first version. Would it be possible to add a 3rd die rolling icon, 2d6 + 1d6, at the top? This is in the Tunisia module, and I think several others. It is very handy when a 3rd die is needed so frequently in OCS.

Congratulations on removing that horrible A&B map nightmare from the original version. Anytime any scenario is loaded, both maps A and B should appear together, automatically. With regard to doing other scenarios, I’ll try to do something in the next month. But the only non-campaign scenario I have played more than once is Scenario 5: The Moving Pocket. It is terrible. That is, historically, Hubes Pocket, from which the Germans were able to extract themselves. With full knowledge of what is going on, the Soviet player can keep the Germans from having a prayer of achieving the historical results. Really not worth playing, in my opinion.

ref counters:

On the '97 there are the Soviet AT Bn(2 Gds, 10 regular) and the KG counters. Any other? no

On the 99 there are the German AT Bns(9 SS, 14 Army) AND 3 SS stug Bn’s units as follows: 1ss; 2ss [& a stug bn]; 3rd ss [& a stug bn]; 5thss [& a stug bn]; 9th ss; 10th ss; 1st pz; 3rd pz; 6th pz; 7th pz; 11th pz; 13th pz; 14th pz; 16th pz; 17th pz; 19th pz; 24th pz; GD; 10th mot; 20th mot

The 2000 has a replacment of the 99 repl of 10PJ from the 10 PG Div correct.


Thanks! I’ll add those divisions to the scenario. the 313 Kty Rgt was a misprint and is in the game with the 3rd Gds Rkt Div. I’ll fix that so it is placed correctly in the 1st Gds Arty.
I have fixed the MapB reporting and it will be part of 1.63
I have also added a VP track and will make a couple of VP track counters.
2+1 Dice roll will be added

I’ve started making a template for the Sov AT Bdes. It may take a little while, but once it’s done, the units will go fast. Actually the Wehrmacht AT Bns are an easier cut and past job from existing counter images.

One thing I do not like is the counter organization in this module. I want to make a separate folder for generic counters, and I want to cut down on the hierarchial folder system for the units. I want to have a few more folders, but less formations in each folder and have all units of a multi-unit formation in a single folder, as in Burma. I think it looks cleaner that way and easier to find the counters you want. What do you think?
I will not do this for v1.63, though.


Zajuts…I can, if you want, make a TEC and terrain key to put in the charts.

Ask if you need something about scan of HB game parts :wink:

Thanks for doing all this work - it nice to see such an interest in getting this VASSAL module in order (as the game is such a good one!)

I have one comment. Are the Gd Abn Divisions supposed to be two-step units? The counters in the game seem to be 2 step-units (I believe there is a scan of the counters online - take a look at the BGG website) - but maybe there is some errata that is out there that has them as three-step units. Just wondering…

Thanks again for all your efforts.

Gds Abn are 3 steps AFAIK, I’ve made the 3 steps more clearly.

One other thing that might be helpful. As now constituted you must select “Scenario 1” for the module. It would be helpful if there was a “maps only” selection, or such. That way players could, if they chose, make up their own scenario without having to remove all of the counters from the campaign-only selection. Is that possible?

Progress report:

Images for all the X-mas AT/AG units except the Gds have been made. When all the images are done, I’ll import them in the game and make the counters. As this is progressing rather nicely, there may be more done in this update.I will in any case not publish until Sunday night the earliest, unless I get time to do more than anticipated.
I may start on the KG counters. For those who has read more detailed history on this campaign than I have: Can you supply me with some REAL KG names to put on the counters? The only one I can think of is Dr. Bäke, though that was nominally a Regiment with 503 Tiger Bn and the Panthers of 1-31 Pz Bn.

Any views on counter organization?

An empty ‘New Game’ scenario will be part of v1.63

yes, do that and send me. I’ll put it in.
Can you scan the turn counter on both sides? The one in the game has only one colour(weather on the opposite side), and it’d be nice to use it to show who’s turn it is.

Looking at the offmap area, I see that counters are still forced to be put in a hexagon pattern there. I have a mind to cut out the entire offmap area and make them into map windows on the top menu. Again, It may wait till after v1.63. I first want to just have a playable game with errata fixed and boni added before I go fancy-schmanzy on the module.

Of course…300dpi in PNG format is ok for the counter?

I still think the Gd Abn units are 2-step units. Here is the view of the counters:

[attachment=0]Gd Abn counters.jpg[/attachment]

You can go to the following link to see a scan of the entire counter sheet: … e=original

Hope this helps. And keep up the good work!


That sounds good.

And thanks, Larry. I’ll fix those Gds Abn Steps.