I could make a UIMap class to parent the Map class


I’m working on a Vassal Engine implementation of a simple fun civilisation building board game I like with its creator’s permission and help.

As an experienced Java programmer I’m doing lots of programming for it but I want to create its user interfaces using Vassal Maps with Game Pieces being used as buttons & decorative UI components instead of only implementing it with code, so that translators and artists who know how to edit Vassal modules could help me improve my game when I start releasing alpha/beta versions.

So I want to make a UIMap class/module which would be the lighter weight parent of the Map class by just having its variables and functions required for a typical user interface to be implemented with a fixed zoom map and its unmovable game piece UI components.

It could also be used by the minimap widget I want to make and would share with other Vassal Engine game creators along with the other new widgets, modules and traits I’m making for my Vassal game.