I could use some new opponents on Combat commander.

I live in Norway, so an european timezone is prefered, but i have already done 2 matches with US opponents.

I’d love to play. I haven’t played CC more than once or twice though, so it’d be a learning experience.

I am willing to learn too, so I am looking for an opponent


pabu wrote:

I gather the game doesn’t work very well PBEM - too many opportunities
to interrupt your opponent - but has anyone tried playing live in bits?

There’s some points throughout the week (or certainly the weekend) where
I could sit down with the computer uninterrupted for an hour, but two
(or three, or four, for a learning game) is really hard to arrange.

Does this work, or does it break up the game too much and cause you to
forget what you were doing?

Or am I even completely wrong, and PBEM can be made to work? (Hope
springs eternal and all that…)


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Some people do play this PBEM and say it is workable.
There is a thread over on BGG explaining how they do it regarding
overlapping logs for interruptions of play.

Playing an hour at a time is a very viable method, plus it allows one time
to learn the interface.

My last game clocked in at about 2 hours with a couple of synch problems.
I have found with experienced users using voice a full game can be played
almost as fast as live FTF taking 2-3 hours tops to complete on vassal

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I have had several games with US citizens playing for 1 hour at a time. The best is if the first session is longer though so you get more into the game.

I have played more vassal games than paper so for me and my main opponent it seems faster to play on vassal. Startup takes way shorter and keeping track of things is easier. This is offcourse with voice chat while playing.