I must be an Idiot

Well I hate to say it but I must be an Idiot:(
I can not figure out how to create content for Vassal. I have failed to understand even the basics that came with the help file.

I have spent some time searching for tutorials for dummies like me to no avail.

If anyone has a good list of tutorials I would really feel much better about myself.


Download a module and then have a look at how its structured.
(Edit module).
Hopefully you’ll start to understand.
Perhaps somebody could suggest a suitable module?
And ask lots of questions at the forum then.
Thats what its for.


Thanks, I am doing this now.

Actually that’s what documentation is for.

But since no one wants to write anything what we need is someone to do a screen recording of creation of a basic module. (Something I’m still trying to figure out, otherwise I’d do it myself.)

thx alls for ur contributions
and second, sorry for my english, that’s not my natural speaking
Just coming to say that I have same difficulty in using vassal
So, if some french (yes yes no comment please) people use the api and could brief me about how to play easely, I risk to be very happy.
playing module like cry havoc, since I was student, like ~20 years ago, I enjoy to play with some friends to this game and other on a computer (great). (backup game)
I take a look about, editing module, but ??? add what, where, who …!!
Bye ^^

Well, I have been dissecting various modules now, figuring out some things and guessing at others. I am sure that my optimization of the engine use is terrible, my file is quite fat. When I have the game I am making to the play test stage I will include a visual tutorial on how I did it, however I am sure that my methods are inefficient. In the future I do hope to have a team on this project. I do thank all of you for your advice and suggestions. I no longer believe that I am an idiot, just a little slow:)

Remember the order of properties of a given piece is VERY important. Inheritance of a property is uni-direction. So if you have a text field and a rotate field, depending on the order of those fields in the piece definition, the text will either rotate with the card or won’t.

And BTW don’t ask me which has to come first, I use trial and error.

Heh heh heh

The traits are executed from the bottom up. So, for the above example, if you list your traits as

Text label

The label will rotate with the piece as it’s above the rotation trait.

Text label

Will not rotate the label.

I think I got that right.

If anyone here would like some help, I’d be glad to do so.The best way to do this for me is using Skype.I’,m no master at this but have created 5 or 6 mods.Once you install skype do a search for Jab5450 in Texas and send a request for a contact.

Later, John 8)

Same here. If I’m on the computer, I’m on Skype

call - dr_nostromo

I’m not an expert either but I’ve learned a heck of a lot over the past couple months so I can probably help out with most of the basic stuff.