I need some help.

I have tried using the Twilight Imperium modules for Vassal, but I cannot manipulate anything within the modules. Not even after I had a friend show me how to manipulate things. I have given up on trying to use existing modules for Vassal to do anything Twilight Imperium related. I would like to attempt to create an extremely simple set of modules for Twilight Imperium not to actually play the game but as simple map/game board trackers. However after taking a look at the Vassal module editor nothing makes any sense to me. What I need help with is either someone to help me make sense of the editor options and how to manipulate it to create the modules I seek, or someone to team up with to help me create the modules I seek by listening to what I want to accomplish and translating that into the module editor functions.

My first recommendation is always to consult the extremely comprehensive Module Designer’s Guide, available in the Docs section of the site: vassalengine.org/mediawiki/i … rguide.pdf

I looked at that, it said a concept of programming would be helpful but that it did not require coding. I looked at the module editor and clicked around, nothing made sense. The last time I did anything relating to programming was in the late 90’s in high school. What I need is a guide, not people throwing stuff at me saying here try this. I am autistic, simply reading somethi9ng will not cut it for me. I need someone to actually take me microscopic step by step through the process.

Sorry, I had no way of knowing what your situation is. I was trying to be helpful–a lot of people never bother to look around the site and are completely unaware of that guide’s existence.

Maybe this won’t work for you either, but another idea that comes to mind is Joel Toppen’s series of Youtube videos where you can see VASSAL editing done right on the screen: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL … iIvtD9hjHv

Those are by far the two very best VASSAL editing resources I know of. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I think you might have difficulty finding someone who can devote large amounts of free time to teaching you VASSAL editing in an exhaustive, step-by-step manner.

I know, I might give that video a look. My other option is just hope to find someone who already knows how to use the editor and just guide them with what I envision to create what I wish to create.