I screwed up and changed my password...

Last night I was doing a PBEM game for a module that I wrote and one of the players mentioned a bug (the details are irrelevant).
So, in order to test it, I went into the editor and tried to recreate it by starting as one side, retiring to observer, changing the password in the module preferences, retiring again to a different side and messing around in there.

The problem:
in my process of switching passwords, I’m now locked out of my PBEM game. Apparently I didn’t use one of my normal passwords because I can’t figure out which one is being used in the logfiles of this PBEM game.

The Question:
Is there (through some miracle) that one could read the logfile data and recover one’s password? If not, is there any way I could get back in or change the associated password? I’d really prefer not to have to start completely over on a five-player game :frowning:

Nevermind. I found a workaround. Mods, feel free to delete this thread.