I updated the map but the older one is still there!

I have built a vassal mod for a prototype and have loaded several new iterations of the map in my vassal mod.
As I found strange that my mod became heavier I unzipped it and found that all the iterations of my map (old and new) are in the images file.
When I edit my mod I don’t find those “old maps”!
Where are they as I’d like to delete them!

If they are unused images then you can just remove them from the unzipped set of files and re-zip to create a .vmod without the excess images.

Also, in Vassal v3.5.3, there is a utility in the Editor (via Tools… dropdown menu) to remove unused images.

thanks Mark I will try both solutions

I unzipped, removed the unwanted images, zipped it again and renamed as vmod but vassal tells me that it is now an invalid file…

Second method: when the module is opened I’ve got tools and the refresh counters submenu.
Is it this tool?
if yes which line?

ok I’ve found the removed unused images menu!
working on it now

it worked perfectly.
pretty nice feature!