Idea...Library of Asynchronous PBEM protocols

Hi all,

In the past I have used Vassal extensively to play games live online using Skype or Discord for in game communication. Lately my life circumstances have changed such that I cannot reliably commit time to live online gameplay. I’m finding the big stopper for me is a lack of information on Asynchronous Vassal PBEM protocols for games. Certainly many have been developed. Below is a protocol I got from Jim Lauffenberger for the play of Simonitch’s '4x series from GMT. My desire is to accumulate similar protocols for other games and game systems. If you have developed one, or have a link to one, please take the time to send it to me at

attached is the one for Simonitch’s '4x series:


This would be a great topic for a wiki page!

The original Squad Leader has a PBEM protocol recorded on its module page.

This protocol is good, so is the idea to collect these protocols.

I just started a PBEM game in one of these Simonitch games and was already wondering why my game partner sent me the log file before proceeding with the combat rolls, and whether I should do the same on my turns.