I'm a Moderately Experienced Wargamer, I Play the Following

I’m in Eastern US Time Zone.

Games I’ve played on Vassal: Avalon Hill’s 1776 (2nd Ed, willing to try 3rd Ed), Afrika Korps, D-Day and War at Sea. Steve Jackson Games Raid on Iran

Games I’ve played and would like to try on Vassal: Avalon Hill’s Panzer Leader, Wooden Ships & Iron Men and Blitzkrieg, Clash of Arms The Speed of Heat, GDW’s Air Superiority and Air Strike (and I have Desert Falcons). Steve Jackson Games OGRE.

Games I haven’t played but I have the rules for and would like to try on Vassal: Avalon Hill’s 1914, Air Assault on Crete, Alexander the Great, Anzio, Bismarck, Caesar at Alesia, Caesar’s Legions, Chancellorsville, Circus Maximus, Civilization, Dune, France 1940, Freedom in the Galaxy, Gettysburg (preferably '77), Gladiator, Guadalcanal, Jutland, Kingmaker, The Longest Day, Luftwaffe, Machiavelli, Midway, Panzerblitz, Richtofen’s War, Siege of Jerusalem, Stalingrad, Starship Troopers, Arab-Israeli Wars, Submarine, Tobruk, Victory in the Pacific, War and Peace, War at Sea II, Waterloo, and Clash of Arm’s Summer Storm

I’ll play either PBEM or live play.

If any of these games are of interest please PM me.

I would be interested in playing Bismarck, Speed of Heat, Midway, Arab Israeli wars or Jutland. Prefer play by email.

Wow, I haven’t played any of these old Avalon Hill games in decades! It would be fun to revisit my youth. I’d be up for Afrika Korps, D-Day, Blitzkrieg, 1914, Anzio, France 1940, Guadalcanal, The Longest Day, Luftwaffe, or Waterloo. These games are good for PBEM.


I have not played these in a while but I would be up for a game of Waterloo PBEM. Let me know if you’re still interested. Thanks.

If anyone gets a little crazy and decides to play The Longest Day by PBEM and there is a need for extra players, let me know cos I will be there!


I have many of those games and am looking at getting into playing them via VASSAL and using Skype. Am in Toronto, Canada so we are in the same time zone. Currently play ASLSK with moving into full ASL in 2019 but want to play some other games for some variety. I would like to start with Wooden Ships and Iron Men and can move on from there.


Hey I’m interested big time… I normally play solitaire but kind of getting tired of that and want to go head to head.

I’m central time (Wisconsin) and pretty flexible as far as playing time goes . War at sea be a great start if your interested.

Let me know if interested and we can work things out


you can contact me at this posting or at jtthompson51@mail.com

Hey its me again…I misread your post. If you wanna play live that be great. Vassal live is excellent.


First time on VASSAL and been many years since I played but I am interested in starting a game of AH’s France 1940 if anyone is interested. I live on the East Coast and am available to play most evenings and weekends. Looking forward to trying VASSAL out heard so much about it. Contact me at tiffanidrennon@gmail.com.

We are a WW2 pbem group.


Any game.

I would be interested in playing some of those games if you are still looking for players. I know this is a late response.

Would you play Raid on Iran?

Raid on Iran (grognard.com)

afraid im totally unfamiliar with raid on iran. and im currently playing too many others right now to learn it - sorry

Guys that initial post was 2+ years ago!

I would be interested in many of these games including Siege of Jerusalem, Air Assault on Crete, 1914, Bismarck, Kingmaker (we need more players). What about SPI games?

Thanks for the reply. I’m too busy to get involved in a game right now.

Best Wishes,


Would like to play Blitzkrieg PBEM — wl48166@hotmail.com