im so lost on how to install and run x-wing..

can some one please…give me a list of how to install the current


i have never used vaasal, im not sure which .vmdx to install.

i have guides telling me what to do after its installed with all the extensions but none that are current and for a noob!

please someone help meh…

Just install and run Vassal. Then click File/Open Module to initially install the module (vmod). When you exit the game, the game name will now be added to the list on the Vassal window. Right click on the game name and select Add Extension (vmdx). For X-Wing, you can install as many or few extensions as you like. After the extension is attached, if you don’t want it to be loaded for a particular game session, just right-click on the extension and select Deactivate. The extension will still be installed/attached but just won’t be loaded.
Hope this gave you some clarity if you have not figured it out already.