Image zoom in/out question

I created a card in a deck, basic piece is a 293210 .jpg image. It shows too large on a board, so I reduce size to 160115.
Now it shows sutible size on a board. However, I defined a “Mouse-over Stack Viewer”, draw piece using zoom factor 1.5.
It looks blur in 1.5 zoom.
The question is, how could I show a card in sutible size on a board, and let it look clear when zoom out?

I’m sure there are many solutions; I recommend you either make the board larger, or rewrite the text as a text label (instead of including it in the image).


Thanks for answers!

I had a similar issue with my project. what I did was looked at some others and how they did it. you could make the card larger and use the zoom functions, having the starting zoom at .5 instead of 1. so you still get the full rez of the card but its smaller on your screen to start