Imperial Struggle - PBEM

Anyone interested in a game of Imperial Struggle PBEM?
I am fairly new to the game, but with two games played, I do have a good grasp of the rules.


My name is Jason and I am in the process of learning to play Imperial Struggle. I will be away next week, but I’d love to give it a try.

I also have not used Vassal in a few years, so it might take me a bit to catch up.

i realize that this might be more than you are willing to endure. Lemme know.


It seems like I am even struggling to use the forums. Ha! I tried to reply earlier, but I guess I failed.

I have not used Vassal in many years and I am new to Imperial Struggle. If you can be patient, I’d love to give them a go. :open_mouth:

I will be away next week, but back the following week.

I am in the United States, EDT.


Would love to play.