Imperial Struggle

Looking for PBEM opponent.


Still looking? Am new to Vassal but old everywhere else…

Forgot about this request. I have a game in progress, but I have time do another at the same time. I don’t have a side preference.

Phil C

Great! Would you mind taking me through the basics of how to do this on Vassal? I haven’t used it before. I know the game well enough though…

And forgive my asking, but are you the same SemperFi who is on Fighting Flattops?


I can set up a demo logfile in drop box tomorrow. I’ll need your email to include you in the folder. I was thinking of going through the entire set up in the logfile. I think I can include some examples of how advantage tiles, unflagging, etc are handled on the module. The PBEM aspect of vassal is easy. In general you just go through your opponents logfile and then start a new one. When done you end the logfile. Drop box will notify of a new logfile in the folder. Although redundant, emails can also be used to notify opponents of a new logfile in the drop box.

I’m assuming that you have drop box. If not the logfiles can be attached to emails. there’s ludilog, and Discord. Whichever you are familiar and most comfortable with.

That’s not me on Fighting Flattops. I’m semperfi11.

Phil C

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Again, total noob question - how can I PM you with my email address?

Here’s mine: You can email me with yours.

Phil C