Looking for opponent for GDw’s Imperium. Will take Terrans or Imperials.

I remember that one. It was great. New to Vassal so if you don’t mind, I would consider a game!


I would be interested in playing either edition of Imperium - although if playing the new edition, I would prefer to use the “optional” rules posted by Avalanche Press that do away with the 3d board.

I would be interested in Imperium (2 player).
I have sent you a private message.
My email is

I am hoping that DMarcus7 and myself will get a game of Imperium over next few weeks but in the meantime I am still in the market for a game. I live in London.
Pls PM or email me ( if interested.

I played Imperium by mail in the '80s. I have the 1977 version and am interested in a game.
Just send me a PM if you are interested.