Implementing an "Attached" game piece

I want to implement an attached game piece (i.e. Imaging I have a tank counter and I want a current which is a separate counter but attached to the tank at all times). So If I move the tank the current will move with it.

Does other games use laying for this? Or can I use a “place Marker” feature for it? Any advise welcome…

I think you can do that by just adding a Layer trait to the piece for your turret, and then just have various “levels” for the different directions the turret can be facing.

I would not approach this with layers. I would have the attachee subscribe have triggers that fire when it moves. These triggers would write the movement to global properties and send key commands to the attached piece. The attached piece would respond to the key commands by applying the movement.

You can keep it attached by making it subscribe to movements that send it back if the movement is not legal.

I have no idea if this would really work in practice though I have used bits of it. I tried something a bit like what Cattlsquat describes. It crashed VASSAL. I suspect the images were too large.

Yes adding a Layer trait works great for turrets as each position can have its own image. If you want to move a separate unit such as passengers in a troop carrier, I’d still use the Layer trait, but to depict an image only. I’d keep the actual unit hidden off-map and use a Dynamic Property storing the PieceName of the passenger. When you unload the passenger, use a Send to Location to where the carrier is.

That is one of the better solutions I have heard for this issue.

Many thanks for all the suggestions.
Given that the “attachment” in this case is simpler than a turret (it is a Colonist who is attached to the planet they are on, game is New Frontiers), I will try it with Layers…