Import from GIMP problem

Hi to everyone,
I have been using vassal to play games for sometime and have now reached the point where I want to create my own module. I followed the ZapWar tutorial and everything went well. I then started the Map Making tutorial by Gary Krockover and ran in to a problem. I created a empty hex map and exported it and then edited some artwork on it using GIMP. I then attempted to get it back into Vassal and got the following error.

                ZipException: error in opening zip file

 I have looked all over and can not find anywhere how to get the map I created in GIMP back into Vassal.  Can anyone help me with this?



Hi Jerry,

The standard way is via the Module Editor, open up the Board component, hit the Select button and reselect your map file on disk. This will reload your map into the module.



Thank you Sir.

I was just getting myself wrapped around the axle and the more I looked for the answer the thicker my skull became and the less I understood. I was able to import the test map into vassal using your pointers.

Thanks again,


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