Include Toolbar Button checkbox in 3.2.0 BETA

I’m new to VASSAL, so I think this issue hasn’t been reported yet. I was trying out some stuff with module creation in 3.1.19, but when I saw a post or reference to being able to create triggers based off of named variables, I immediately wanted to try out 3.2.0.

Anyway, I noticed that in a Map Window pop-up, checking the “Include toolbar button to show/hide” option does not make the supporting elements appear/disappear like it did in 3.1.19. I had to save the module and re-load it into the editor to make the options appear for the Button Text and Hotkey.

I just realized I should post my OS specs: Windows 7 64-bit, using Java version 1.7.0_01.

Nope, it’s been like that since at least 3.1.17, probably forever. Requiring you to save and reload in this situation is just one of many special ways Vassal likes to let you know it loves you.

Ahhh, gotcha. Huh, I guess I checked some other box in the editor that made other options appear. Oh well, at least I know I’m not losing my mind. Thanks!