incorrect piece display

I’ve a module under development with some odd display issues. I uploaded the .png files under discussion about 15 minutes ago

Pieces like 2ndPlayer_LA2.png, which as can be seen have the “dots” aligned are instead shown in pieces palettes or on the maps as illustrated by LA_as_displayed.png with the “dots” mis-alighned. Am using the imagemagick “display” command, but eog (eye of gnome) also has the “dots” aligned.

The 2ndPlayer_LA2.png was extracted from .vmod file using unzip; the LA_as_displayed.png is a screen capture.

I flushed tile caches and re-booted the computer (to clear X-windows caches) with no change. Occurs with both 3.5.4 and 3.5.8

Were you intending to attach some images? If so, you didn’t succeed at that.