Incrementing takes longer than setting directly

I’m trying to send a variety of chits up or down one space. I’ve got this working on set-up: it hears a Global Key Command “set up”, copies a “location” dynamic property copies from a marker (so I can use the same prototype for things starting in different places), “set up” then triggers a “send” command, which activates a send to location order. It goes from a big stack of chits I couldn’t be bothered to place, to chits placed correctly all over.
However when it hears a “strengthen” command, it increments that dynamic property by 1, so on and so on, and nothing moves.
The two processes use the exact same tags in the exact same order, the only difference I can find is Goofus increments the property where Gallant sets it directly. I’ve chased down any silly mistakes (spelling errors and so forth) and haven’t found any. My best guess is that it sends itself to where it already is, IE that the DP hasn’t finished incrementing yet - can this be right?

I bodged it so that “Strengthen” triggers a Global Key Command to a third party which sends back an “Update” and now it works.