Indexed arrays of numeric values for dynamic properties?

Is there a way to set a dynamic property numeric value based on an index into an array of values, particular to each piece or at least to a few identical pieces?

This is the kind of thing I think is normally done with graphics layers but I want something the module can access as a numeric value. The graphics layer might have a plus because you can change multple factors at once graphically however you wind up stuck back at the same problem trying to access the numeric data as your layer number only gives you an index not the actual parameter values (which may not vary the same way with changes in index).

If I set a dynamic property to “prompt user to select from list” then the user gets a popup to select a numeric value from a list of values. THis is getting close to what I want. Problem is it makes the user set it (unless I can reliably execute the user keystrokes?) and it also means I have more difficulty (I think) tying multplie property values together as the user would have to select each one seperately.

Also, is there a way to make up a chart of some kind where when a key/button is pressed the required dice would be rolled and reported and the required properties would accessed to look a value up in the chart and take an action or actions based on a result?


Difficult and messy but possibly possible to do both of the things you want to do using the current facilities built into Vassal.

If you can wait, I have managed to incorporate the BeanShell scripting language into Vassal which make this sort of advanced processing much, much easier. I am hoping to include BeanShell in Vassal 3.2.


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Thought so, but I don’t want to figure out how to explain it lol :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure, I can wait. Drop a reply in here when it is ready and I will take it up again. Plenty of other stuff to work on in the meantime.