Instant preview?

Out of curiosity, is there a way to get more of an “instant preview” for a module you’re working on? Sometimes I have a lot of little aesthetic positioning to do, and it can be a pain to have to start a New Game each time, just to see what it looks like or if the position changes I made look right.

Also, I have an odd thing where if I add a new at-start stack or deck and then choose to Reposition Stack, all I see is a small white box instead of the counter or piece or deck… I can move that white box, but I can’t tell if the shape of the actual piece will be right on the board. But then, if I copy/paste that stack/deck and then do the Reposition on the second stack that was just pasted, then it’s fine. So I’ve just been doing that every time, as for some reason that first stack or deck just won’t be visible correctly. Any idea what’s going on there?


When you see the white box … save the current module … Close Vassal (i do not remember if necessary)… edit it again and the real image will appears …



Yeah, but that happens just about every time I add a new piece… It’s easier to just copy/paste it and work with the pasted piece (which shows up fine), rather than restarting the program every time. So that’s a known glitch then? I was just wondering…