interested in: Liberty Roads, FAB the Bulge, Napoleon's Triu

There are a few games which i already play online with a very skilled opponent (so far i only lost) but it’s fun!
Still i would like to play a bit more of these games to develop my skills and maybe win sometime,

Anyone interested to play:

Liberty Roads (just ordered the game and read the rules)
FAB The Bulge (played it already)
Napoleon’s Triumph played it already)
Hannibal (owned it for years, havent played it sofar)

Let me know!

I’m always ready for a good game of Liberty Roads.
But I’m not ready to let you win too easy. :slight_smile:
Rgds, Yves

hi yves
thats perfect!
just send me a pm so we can set up a game. Btw do you use a vassal module for it? Or something else…? I have to download the stuff and just to be sure i at least have a small chance at victory i will re-read the rules :slight_smile:

I’ll play Hannibal with you sometime. Send me a PM. I’ve never played it on Vassal but numerous times ftf.

Hey Ra,

Just saw that you are interested in playing more Napoleon’s Triumph…I’m game! This will be my first game on VASSAL in a really long time, so you’ll most likely need to help me with the system…I’ve played NT a bunch, and it’s my favorite game.

Let me know when you’d like to start it.