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using the beta4… I do not see an option to add an internet dice button, just the normal Java dice button.

what are some ways in designing a module to go about supporting reporting of all die rolls over email? I see the PzB/PzL modules have the button but not sure how to tell just how it got there, or if it really does what I think it does.

given the nice write up in the help file I am thinking I am just missing something obvious here.


The Internet Dice Button (IDS) saga.

I wrote this a couple of years ago and interfaced it to a particular Internet Dice Server. Though there are a number of Dice Servers on the Internet, only one was suitable to be accessed programatically from Vassal. So the IDS was born and became a custom componjent that was used in a couple of module.

The IDS was later integrated into the core Vassal.

Very shortly afterwards, access to the Die Server was controlled and it became unsuitable for use by Vassal. No other suitable Die Server was available and so the IDS was removed from the core Vassal. The modules you find still using it will have a copy of custom version I originally wrote.

One of the many projects in Joel’s pipeline is to enhance his Bones Dice Server to provide all of the functionality required by Vassal. At this time, the IDS will make it’s long awaited return.


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Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

To add to that: Finishing Bones is at the top of my list of things to do
during the 3.2 development cycle, so you will see a working internet dice
server button in VASSAL 3.2.


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Did this ever happen? I’m building a module but I don’t see an option to add an internet dice button - do I need to import something?

EDIT: My bad, I thought 3.2 had already been released, but 3.1.5 is the current version. Maybe some kind soul could direct me to where and how I can get an internet dice button now?

Thus spake “Sultan”:

No, we haven’t made it that far yet. It’s someting I plan to do over the


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