Intro to module Editing and Creation?

Sorry to ask this, as the answer may be obvious…but where do I find the most basic intro for modifying and building Vassal modules? I asked about how to add simple marker counters and someone answered, “enter edit mode”. LOL. And I have no clue as to how to find it or start it.

Have you browsed through the documentation? The Module Designer’s Guide is fairly thorough.

To edit a module, start Vassal, click File → New (to create a brand new module) or File → Edit Module (to edit an existing module). Once you’ve opened a module, it will appear in the Vassal module library. When you open Vassal in the future, you can just right-click that module in the list to Open / Edit.

How do I add a map graphic?

I have downloaded the instructions and can see how to adjust all of the “properties” of the maps, but I don’t see an “upload map” graphic description anywhere.

Any help?

I am guessing I will have the same question about pieces. And cards.

Keep in mind that the [Map Window] is just a window. In order for the window to contain something, you have to add a Map Board.

Right click the [Map Window] and you’ll see an option for [Map Boards]. Right click that and select Add Board. The [Board] properties will allow you to add a graphic.

Thanks Dr. Nostromo! (great name by the way)

I’m sure there is a response somewhere for this question; I’m just too lazy to look for it. I’ve been trying to upload a map image into the Vassal module editing program and everytime I open the module to see if the map properly uploaded, all I get is a 10% corner of the map. I converted the map image to a PNG file as per the 3.1 Designer Guide but I have the same problem: I go to Main Map, Image Capture Tool in order to ‘upload’ the map and only the upper left corner of the map is displayed. The size of the image is 3300x2550 pixels. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Do 2 things.

Firstly, under the “Map Window” add a “Zoom Capability” (right click and select it from the list).

Secondly, open the Zoom Capability and configure appropriate levels of zoom for your map, and also the Initial zoom. I usually set the Initial zoom so that perhaps half of the map is visible when first open, but that will depend on your map. I usually add or modify the zoom levels so I can get a full view of the map when zoomed out, and can see a close up of counters and some area of the map when zoomed in. But what you will do here depends on your map and pieces.


The image capture tool is for placing an icon on the map window that allows you to take a snap shot of the map during game play. It has nothing to do with uploading a map image.

If you want to upload a map image you need to go to

[Map Window] → [Map Boards] → [Board] properties → Click the Select button and browse to your map.

Hey! Thanks for the tutorial! That really helped! Now that the board is established I should be able to continue designing the game. BTW: Can you point me towards a link that has the latest designers guide? The one I’m using now doesn’t match up with the illustrations and the program.

Just click “Docs” in the menu bar at the top of this page and select “Modules Designer Guide”.

Another fantastic bit of information! You guys (or gals?) are great!