hi all,

I’m new to this forum . :laughing:

Hello all! I am also new!

Hi all,
I am a new entry, I am 23 and I am a great board wargame’s and military history fan and I want to have some information about vassel and the wargames PBEM, how I can join in a match? What are the modules? Could I have some help please, for me its a completly new world!
Thank you again


To get started download the latest version of VASSAL and install. Look in the Modules section for you favorite game and download the module. Then post on the Looking for opponents section in the forum of what you want to play. If you’re lucky there will be someone else that’s interested. If you can find for a specific game start a thread with a list of several games you’re interested in.


Thank you very much for your suggests and your help, but I have another question: It is possible to find in this forum and in the opponents section some wargames PBEM using, the Von Reisswitz rules? ( no boardcards, presence of umpires, realistic command chain ecc.) Or I have to see in other websites? Thank you again.

People post what they are playing in the Games in progress section and post what they would like to play in the Looking for opponents section. You can also try the Board Game Geek site and see if there’s any interest there.

I would try posting on the Opponents section of games you’re interested in and see what happens.